Out of Ink, SNHU’s brand-new Improv club, at their event last semester.

Out of Ink is a recently established club at SNHU where students have an open space to step outside of their comfort zones and unleash their creativity.

It was created by club president Lucas Scozzari (’27), who was driven by his love for comedy and performing on stage. His vision goes beyond entertainment, as he aims to give people confidence.

“I hope people can gain the confidence to be able to hold conversations and be funny on top of it,” said Scozzari.

He emphasized the importance of confidence, not only in improv but as a life skill.

“It’s important to be able to talk to others and have confidence in your words,” said Scozzari. “When you are meeting someone new, doing an interview, or presenting a project, it isn’t the most professional to have notecards or a script to read off of.”

‘Out of Ink’ cleverly comes from the Penmen, the school’s symbol, and ink from a pen. The name captures the concept of improv, which is unscripted theater.

“We are always out of ink [in] that we can never use a pen to write anything down, so, therefore, we are unscripted,” said Scozarri.

Out of Ink has etched memories in Scozzari’s mind in its short existence of a few months.

“The club was just starting to take off, and we worked out the kinks and got people laughing,” said Scozzari. “I also saw so much improvement in people who weren’t the best at public speaking get better at it.”

Looking ahead, Scozzari envisions more shows for the organization. He’s optimistic about collaborating with other clubs to host events like improv karaoke or themed improv.

For students interested, Out of Ink hosts weekly meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Hospitality Salon A and B. To stay updated with the club, students can follow their Instagram: @snhu_out.of.ink.