Humanities Lab (image courtesy: Emily Blais)

The Humanities Lab is a space that students can use to facilitate ideas and showcase the work that they created. It is located in the Robert Frost lobby where the former McIninch Art Gallery was located.

The McIninch Art Gallery opened in 2002 and displayed artwork for two decades. In the summer of 2022, the gallery was shut down. SNHU looked for ways to reinvent the gallery.

Deborah Varat, a professor in the art history department, had a role in reimagining the space during the spring of 2022.

“When the gallery closed, I got involved in transforming the space into something more informal and interactive and student-focused,” said Varat.

Calling the space a “lab” indicates that it is a space for sharing ideas and trying out new things such as poetry and art.

The Humanities Lab has become a space on campus for club meetings, class discussions, and more. Varat hopes the space will become more well-known to everyone on campus.

“We [me, a student intern, and some faculty] are working on making [the Humanities Lab] more visible to students by planning pop-up food days, music-and-mediation, club meetings, and faculty gatherings,” said Varat.

The space will continue to showcase artwork from SNHU community members as part of their goals.

“There will be a big student show at the end of the year of graphic design projects, as well as a student/faculty photo show earlier in the spring,” said Varat.

Varat wants to ensure that the Humanities Lab is welcome for all students to come in and hang out. There is seating, lighting, and a sense of quiet in the space, making it an ideal place for students to study or have conversations.

“Don’t hesitate to come by and even suggest ideas for how you would like the Lab to be used,” said Varat.