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Penmen Cash is unique part of the SNHU experience. It is occasionally hard to operate, but also incredibly useful. In short, Penmen Cash is used to let SNHU students do their laundry, pay for food if they are a commuter and also pay for items at a few local stores. All three of these are important parts of college students’ daily life.

It can also be especially handy for commuters and faculty, as Penmen Cash transactions at the dining hall are exponentially quicker, saving precious time during lunch breaks.

How a student can access their Penmen Cash account is pretty simple, and can be done through a mobile app or mySNHU.

The GET Mobile app allows students and parents to add Penmen Cash straight from their phones. The app is available on iOS and Android.

One can also log into a student’s mySNHU account, and click on the top tab that reads “Student Financial Services”. Once on this page, students can view their financial aid award, make a payment to their school account and add money to their Penmen Cash account.

Upon clicking the “Penmen Cash” option, the student can click on the link, which will then have them log in with their SNHU email and password. Once a student is logged in, a student must add a minimum of 10 dollars to their Penmen Cash account using whatever credit card or debit card. This card information can be saved to their account for the next time they need to add funds. 

If a student can’t put money on their card for any reason, a family member or a relative can also add funds to the specific student’s account. In order to add funds to a student’s account however, a parent or relative needs to know the student’s ID number and their name.

Upon gaining that information, a parent or relative can deposit money into the students Penmen Cash account and it will show up on the students’ side, stating that “X amount was put on your account by ___.” As complicated as the Penmen Cash system can be, it’s handy for any situation that may arise.

**This Article originally published September 7, 2017. Updated September 17, 2018.**

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