How to SNHU: Best Hang-Out Spots Near Campus

Southern New Hampshire University is fortunate to be situated on the outskirts of New Hampshire’s largest city, while being surrounded by the natural beauty of the granite state. With Manchester only ten minutes down the road, there are many local destinations of enjoyment for college students. Whether you want to get off campus or explore what Manchester has to offer, here is a list
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How to SNHU: Where to Watch Home Games

Welcome to Southern New Hampshire University, home of the Penmen! Alongside the many different academic opportunities at SNHU, there are plenty of opportunities for athletes, as well as people itching to watch an intense game. SNHU is an NCAA Division II institution that plays in the Northeast-10 conference. We are home to eight men’s sports teams and eleven women’s teams that continuously prove to

How To SNHU: Finding Happiness

By now you’ve probably taken a visit to Southern New Hampshire University’s beautiful campus. You’ve had lunch at the Dining Hall or taken a quiet stroll through The Shapiro Library. You may even know a little bit about your professors and other students in which you’ll be sharing this new journey. But have you thought about how your program and career path will impact

How to SNHU: Finding Community Service Opportunities

The Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL), located in the the Green Center, is the place to go if you are looking to do any aspect of community service. The office has three sections to it, including Service Learning, Service Projects and Alternative Break. Service Learning is connected to classes at SNHU. Many sociology classes are service learning classes. This means that you have

How to SNHU: Microwave Recipes

There are many things the microwave can do besides heating up leftover food and making popcorn.  With the magic of the microwave, saving time and making tasty food is possible for everyone, even those who have limited experiences in the kitchen. It is useful to learn some microwave tricks for college students - meals, afternoon tea, midnight snacks, ANYTIME! Oil-free fried rice: To make

How to SNHU: Communicating with Professors

Connecting with professors, advisors and administrators is never as complicated as it seems, and they’re all here to help you if you let them. Understanding a few simple “ground rules” can help build relationships and effective communication. For example: All professors have office hours, and many post those on their office doors. Don’t be afraid to visit them in person. Introduce yourself on a