We think it’s safe to say that this semester seemed to fly by for everyone. Somehow, we managed to produce six issues of The Penmen Press, plus a Welcome Back Issue, co-sponsor more events, and get to know the many new faces on our staff.
Following the Involvement Fair, we were excited to see our staff grow to 45 members, and even more excited to see what talents everyone would bring to the paper.

One of our goals going into this semester was to co-sponsor more events with other clubs and organizations on campus. From the Welcome Back Bash in September to the Celebration of Light last week with many other events in between, we are satisfied.

Our Second Annual Penmen Press Movie Night took place before Thanksgiving Break where students came to enjoy pizza and the movie “Zootopia,” which was purposely chosen to discuss the impact of media on society’s perception of events, marginalized communities, and social justice.

As the news outlet on campus, we aim to provide unbiased coverage and to give a voice to the issues present in our world.
Also in November, we made the move from our old office in Stark Hall to the Student Center, where we are happy to have more face time with the student body. Now that we’re in a more central location, we were able to participate in the Celebration of Light’s Door Decorating Contest where we took home third place with our gingerbread men and women in paradise theme.

As we move into the next semester, it is our intention to maintain the level of enthusiasm, dedication, and passion present on staff. Bringing the best product to the SNHU campus is always the number one goal as we continue to plan and move forward.
In addition to constantly improving the content and quality of the Penmen Press’ physical biweekly product, our aspirations do not begin or end with such.

In the Spring Semester, one of our goals is to continue cosponsoring and hosting events. We greatly enjoy the interaction with the SNHU Community that these events allow for, and we value the connections they have allowed us to make with other clubs and organizations.
Additionally, we hope to become more accessible through our new presence in the Student Center. Located in the old Veteran’s Lounge, The Penmen Press staff has been hard at work turning our new office into a permanent home.

While our interior decorating skills may leave something to be desired, we hope that everyone can better find us and will feel welcome doing so. Whether it’s looking for event coverage or to ask about joining the Penmen Press, it is our goal to be more readily available to the SNHU Community.

Our editorial staff will begin to hold weekly office hours as well, now that we have a conducive space for doing so. We hope that this will create more traffic in and out of our office. We encourage anyone in the SNHU Community to swing by.

One other way we will be making our services more accessible in the upcoming semester is through the launch of the Penmen Press online. While all of our issues can be found on issuu.com/PenmenPress, we are looking to debut an independent website and domain with the help of the university.

Though this will impact the infrastructure of the Penmen Press, these are obstacles we look forward to tackling head-on. Stay tuned for more information at the start of the new year.

The Penmen Press is an ever-changing and ever-growing organization. We are proud of the work our staff has done this semester, and we are more than ready to keep moving and see where the next semester takes us.

As this semester comes to a close, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who have made this possible. Whether it be the kind emails we have received about our progress or the community collaboration that is taking us to new heights, we thank you for your support and for making what we do at the Penmen Press a possibility. We look forward to the new opportunities the new semester will bring.

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