The annual Fall Leadership Conference was hosted at a conference center in Bedford, New Hampshire on Sunday, Sept. 25. The conference is for all students who participate on the executive board of a club or organization on campus, and it is meant to provide students with new ideas and strategies to improve their organization.

The conference kicked off with an introductory session on creativity and how using it can further the types of events that can be put on by each organization. The students drew on sheets of paper that had circles on them, and they could draw within the circles or between them to create an image.

Students spent their afternoon attending sessions geared toward diversity, career readiness, what it means to be a leader, and how to collaborate with other clubs.

Between sessions, students were able to enjoy a snack. Cookies and bags of popcorn were put out, as well as soft pretzels that drew crowds to the snack tables.

A conference might not be the most ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon, however some students found it enjoyable.

“The conference was actually pretty fun. Although no one was very excited to spend their Sunday here, I thought that the information was educational and the connections made with others today were well worth my time,” said sophomore Rachel Stone, who attended the conference with the Outing Club.

At the end of all the sessions, the day broke down for some dinner, provided for free by the conference center. The meal was accompanied by self-serve coffee and tea, as well as various types of cupcakes to enjoy.

Lowell Matthews, a professor at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), capped off the conference with a speech that encouraged students to think about what they will do with their leadership experiences after graduating.

For those who had been unable to attend, there will be the opportunity to go to the Spring Leadership Conference, as well as the next annual Fall Conference next year. It is encouraged that all executive board members find a chance to attend and learn something new to use in running their organization.

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