The Creative Writing Club hosted their only Open Mic Night of the semester on Friday, Dec. 2, at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). The event took place in the Last Chapter Pub at 6:00 p.m. The purpose of the event was to encourage students from and outside of the club to share and present their work.
The floor was open and the mics were on as students took to the stage to present their work to the audience. International students were also encouraged to present pieces of their work with the crowd. Students shared a variety of short stories, poems, and songs that they worked on throughout the semester.
The stories addressed inspiring topics including, but not limited to, women advocacy and homosexuality. The event was intended to create an outlet in which creative writers could take on the stage in a stress-free environment.
Between each performance, students were welcome to eat various kinds of pasta from Mr. Mac’s and cookies. Beverages were purchased and provided by the Last Chapter Pub.
Junior Adina Friedman is a creating writing major at SNHU. During the event, she shared a short story written and worked on by herself and her professor.
“I’m really nervous about reading my [writing] but my friends came to [support] me which is nice,” said Adina Friedman. She hopes that in the future more people will come to support the club.
Senior Laurelann Easton is the president of the Creative Writing Club and coordinator of the event. She hopes to encourage more people to attend the club’s events and share their work. Future plans include an open mic night and a poetry slam in April for National Poetry Writing Month.
Planned events for next semester include a reading with Rhode Island author Jennifer Renson.

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