SNHU has partnered up with Fortune 1000 company Connection to open up a brand new sales lab on campus in Webster Hall. The new lab offers SNHU students real world sales experience in the comfort of their own campus. On October 23, members of the SNHU and Connection communities joined together for a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the opening of the sales lab. 

Students will be able to enter into an internship with an external company and get real training, all at the SNHU campus. While working with Connection, students will learn professional selling by experience.

SNHU’s Director of Experiential Learning Dawn Cerrato said, “This lab promotes the idea of failing forward. The idea that it is okay to make a mistake or make a failure while still being in a safe place like the SNHU campus rather than being outside and having graduated.” She continued, “We also believe the more experiences we can give our students while they are here will make them stronger when they are ready to leave.”  

Many students are already looking forward to being able to gain new experiences from the space. Isabelle MacGilvary (‘21) said, “I think it’s great. I love that students will have the opportunity to fail successfully. It is really unique to this internship because when you go into different sales internships you may not have that opportunity to fail and still be successful.”

Another student, Joe Beauchemin (‘20) said, “I’m psyched, I’m ready to go, I can’t wait to get started. I’ve never been part of an internship like this before and to have it come to SNHU is really amazing.” 

The link between SNHU and Connection goes further than this internship opportunity. University Campus President Patty Lynott said, “What’s really cool about this initiative is it’s holistic. The owner of this Fortune 1000 company is a SNHU alumnus. This company is based in New Hampshire, and now this alum is coming back to SNHU and funding this incredible immersion experience for our students.” President Lynott went on to say, “This [is an] incredible, hands-on immersion experience for our students. It’s perfect. That’s the kind of thing that says success.”