Take Back the Night for Survivors

On Tuesday, September 25, the Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center will be operating an event called Take Back the Night on the Green Space at 7 p.m. Take Back the Night is a non-profit organization as well as an international event that is meant to consolidate participants against relationship, sexual and domestic violence in all forms. Campuses across the country organize marches, rallies and

SGA Voter Turnout Down 13 Percent Since 2015

This spring election for Student Government Association (SGA) senate and executive board saw the lowest voter turnout rate in five years, with only 15 percent of the eligible student population participating (421 students). This represents a 13 percent decrease since spring elections of 2015, with the presidential election of Caroline Fleming and Sarah Lawton. Last April’s spring elections (Ashlee Lindsey v. Ryan Evaul) saw

SGA Approves Conference Budget Updates to Constitution

Amendments to the Student Government Association's (SGA) constitution were passed on Tuesday, March 6 to promote greater fiscal responsibility among clubs in light of the recent over-expenditures to the conference budget. The SGA offers a maximum budget of $100,000 to clubs and organizations to use for conferences each year. This budget is distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis and can be used to cover

SGA Proposes Change in Conference Budget Policy that Limits Covered Overages

The Student Government Association (SGA) is proposing a solution to the recent over-expenditures to the conference budget in which a club’s approved request and up to 10 percent of overages will be covered by SGA. Each year, SGA allocates $100,000 to send clubs and organizations to programs, seminars and expos, and covers the cost of airfare, hotels, food and transportation. This budget is distributed

Student Government Hosts Town Hall Panel, Students Ask Burning SNHU Questions

On October 19, the Southern New Hampshire University Student Government Association (SGA) hosted the Town Hall Panel in Walker Auditorium, an event dedicated to bringing information directly to the SNHU Community from a variety of SNHU leaders. Moderated by Dean of Students Heather Lorenz, the evening featured top voices from all across campus including President Paul LeBlanc, Provost Patty Lynott, Director of Residence Life

Student Leaders Hone Skills at Fall Leadership Conference 

Each fall, student leaders from all walks of club and organizational life join together for the Fall Leadership Conference where they attend workshops tailored to helping them develop their skills. This years Fall Leadership Conference took place Sunday, October 1 and hosted student leaders from a multitude of clubs and organizations. Susan Elsass, Associate Dean of Student Success at CETA, presented Sunday’s keynote speech,

Meet Your New SGA Senators

September 22 marks the beginning journeys of 12 new Student Government Association (SGA) senators. SGA President Ashlee Lindsey shared her excitement about the new senators and their role. “Our senators will bring a fresh perspective,” Lindsey said. “Every single member has various connections with people on and off campus… It is refreshing to have a new group becoming a part of SGA, because they

Clubs and Organizations: Student Government Association

The Southern New Hampshire University Student Government Association (SGA) strives to create community, boost campus pride, listen and act, and provide funding. We are comprised of five executive board members and 25 senators. Those who are part of the organization went through an elections process in either the spring or fall to obtain their roles. We meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays for Senate meetings, that

Ashlee Lindsey Wins SGA Presidential Election

On April 7, the results of the Student Government Association (SGA) Spring elections came in. Ashlee Lindsey won the title of SGA President for the 2017-2018 school year with 63 percent of the votes. “I’m so speechless, there are so many people I want to thank,” said Lindsey, a sophomore student in the degree-inthree business administration program. “I hope to accomplish a culture within

SNHU Students Showcase Their Talent

The sisters of Phi Omega Psi hosted the annual talent show at SNHU on Thursday, April 13 in The Last Chapter Pub. Co-sponsoring with Student Government Association (SGA), Phi Omega Psi welcomed all SNHU students to come and showcase their talent to a panel of judges. Between each performance, audience members were encouraged to snack on chips and candy. Attendees were also given a