The Psychology Students Association was one of many organizations represented at the Fall Leadership Conference (image credit: PSA)

Each fall, student leaders from all walks of club and organizational life join together for the Fall Leadership Conference where they attend workshops tailored to helping them develop their skills. This years Fall Leadership Conference took place Sunday, October 1 and hosted student leaders from a multitude of clubs and organizations.

Susan Elsass, Associate Dean of Student Success at CETA, presented Sunday’s keynote speech, discussing her top five traits of effective leadership. “Integrity, relationship building, humility/empathy, humor, and optimism were the five traits I discussed at the Student Leadership Conference,” Elsass said. “I recommend that student leaders could select one or two of these traits to focus on this semester. For example, if your organization is interested in growing membership, your members could focus on relationship building with a variety of students.”

Senior Michelle Fortin attended the event representing both the Psychology Student Association and the Student Government Association. “This is my third fall leadership conference,” said Fortin. Each and every year it gets better and better. I really enjoyed [the sessions] and the topics they brought up about stress and busy schedules. I can’t wait to hear about the future fall leadership conferences and see how our future leaders of SNHU continue to make it a better place.”

One of the sessions conducted at the conference was titled “Somehow I Manage: Lessons from Michael Scott” which focused on “The Office’s” aforementioned boss. Led by Josh Harwood, Gavin Telfer and Daniel Remmes, this session was heavily attended and produced interesting discussion. “Having an opportunity to teach leadership theories in conjunction with Michael Scott was an awesome experience at the 2017 Fall Leadership Conference,” said Harwood, business professor.

“Presenting information and watching SNHUdents have an understanding how even the worst boss (in our minds) may sometimes be the “World’s Best Boss”. Michael Scott cared about his employees, and it was our job to really showcase his leadership approach.”

Sophomore Shannon Gayron also attended the event representing CAPE and NSCS (National Society of Collegiate Scholars). “I chose to attend the Fall leadership Conference because it is my first year in any executive board positions, so I am looking to gain leadership and management skills that I can use going forth with my time at SNHU,” said Gayron. “In any leadership position you must be a role model, encourage and inspire others, and challenge ideas, so I believe [many of the sessions] were very valuable to first year executive board members as we begin leading our clubs and organizations.”

The event ran smoothly and presented students with sessions to hone their leadership skills. Elsass closed her assessment of the event by stating, “SNHU student organizations are supported by an amazing group of professional staff members and services available to encourage both individual and organizational growth and development. I was inspired by the sessions I attended and from the students I spoke with.”

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