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On April 7, the results of the Student Government Association (SGA) Spring elections came in.

Ashlee Lindsey won the title of SGA President for the 2017-2018 school year with 63 percent of the votes.

“I’m so speechless, there are so many people I want to thank,” said Lindsey, a sophomore student in the degree-inthree business administration program.

“I hope to accomplish a culture within SGA where everyone in the organization feels comfortable being able to make a difference,” said Lindsey. “It’s not just me that’s going to make the change, it’s everyone that’s a part of the organization. If I can instill that, the organization will go even further than I can think of.”

Lindsey has been involved in SGA her whole SNHU career thus far. She was a senator in her first year at SNHU and Chief Financial Officer this past year.

In the other categories, Michelle Fortin will be Vice President, Alan Mendonca will be Chief Information Officer and Elisha Borden will be Chief Financial Officer.

Next year’s senators will be Molly Rogers, Richard Oliver, Marylouise Jepsen, Cameron Kearney, Oshea Turnball, Emily Napolitano, Eliane Cabral, McKayla Hutchins, Iesina Tupouniua, Taylor Brigham, Timothy Price, Kristin Morrison, Shannon Conway and Ryan Evaul, who was Lindsey’s opponent in the presidential election.

“I still plan on being an active member of SGA,” said Evaul. “I plan on working closely with the new executive board and helping to bring the focus back on students and their clubs and organizations.”

Also on the ballot was a choice for the name of the new residence hall. The results of that poll will be announced at a later date.

Students may have noticed SGA shuttling students to their classes the Wednesday and Thursday before ballots closed.

“We have 8-passenger SUVs and, to get people to vote, we offered them a ride. While students were in the back seat to their destination, we asked them if they knew about SGA,” said Lindsey. “It’s a good way to promote our organization. People appreciated the ride, especially in the rain.”

When asked about plans, Lindsey was very humble. She expressed that SGA was a team effort and any big changes would come from the community. She did have one idea, however.

“I’d like to work more directly with Paul LeBlanc and have him incorporated more in campus. I think a lot of people love seeing him. Having him more involved in SGA and events would be so much fun,” said Lindsey

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