(image credit: SNHU)

It’s getting to be that time of year when the lulls of winter and the burdens of endless class work depress much of the student body. Sometimes, all a stressed student feels like doing is crawling back into bed and shutting the blinds. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the beauty around. At times like this, people should look to nature to aid them with a healthy dose of tranquility. We’re lucky enough to go to school in beautiful New Hampshire, where the forest is never more than a few minutes away, even without leaving campus. 

In spite of constant installation of new buildings across campus, SNHU has maintained an abundance of towering trees. Many stand near the “hub” of campus, lining the Green Space and surrounding the central buildings. 

Although the area is currently closed due to the Kingston construction, the area behind Exeter is the most densely tree populated area central to campus. Feel free to explore, but beware of the family of skunks that has lived there for the past few years. 

Admittedly, West Side has a more prominent nature scene. Head down the hill toward the lower lot. If it’s dark, keep eyes open for deer while heading down the hill; they have been sighted in the early hours of the day. 

When standing in the bottom lot, peer to the right and see a wide path that runs parallel to the road, separated by a line of trees. Take the path and prepare to take a side path on the left, which leads to “the log.”  The downed tree is a great place to do some reading or, as sappy as it sounds, take a significant other for a romantic evening. 

In the furthest corner of the bottom lot on West Side is a path leading down to the Merrimack River. Walk along the train tracks and try to balance for as long as possible. The rails are active; the rumbling of the rails will occur much before the train arrives. When satisfied with the balancing act, embark toward the water. 

Under the overpasses are popular spots. The further one voyages down the tracks, the more immersed they become with nature. Those with a keen eye can spot the hidden fort by the river. Those who can find it will enjoy the chairs and scenic river view. Once the season turns, and if the water is low enough, find a spot to descend onto the beach. Dipping toes in the water is wonderful on a warm day. Feel free to take a chair down to the beach. Relax and get some shut-eye. 

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