To rush or not to rush. That is the question new and formerly acquainted students are faced with as they mull over the possibility of pursuing more involvement in Greek life this year. Rush week is a huge opportunity for committed or unsure students to informally prepare for a new brother or sisterhood at SNHU. SNHU boasts four tight-knit Greek organizations, all of which have been promoting philanthropy and academics since their inception many decades ago.

Think of rush as an informal way of introducing yourself, a time to relish in new potential friendships, valor and distinguished chapters. Rush is important in that it provides perspective to prospective sisters and brothers as they work to eagerly understand where they fit in. Rush generally takes place three weeks after students are back on campus for the new semester.

Alundra Hooper said it best, “Rush is really important because you don’t want to go into a sorority blinded without knowing anyone. You kind of want to have those backbones.”

“You can’t really know who you fit in with without talking to all your options. I recommend rushing even if you don’t go through with’s a great way to make friends even if you join or not. It’s really a way to get your foot in the door and get involved on campus,” says Savana Melanson, who met two of her best friends by joining a sorority and currently holds a chair position on her sorority’s board. “It’s given me something to be passionate about. It’s given me a home away from home.”

Whatever you end up deciding, make sure you do your research, keep your eyes peeled for information about rush week on campus, and make sure this is a step that makes sense for you.

You only get to experience Greek life once, so make the most of it.

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