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Netflix Get Romantic in “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

As a sucker for romantic comedies but also a skeptic, I'm usually harboring mixed feelings about romantic comedies be they on Netflix or in movie theaters. Despite those feelings, I still like to give this genre a good watch every now and again. "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," is among the newest installments in this heavy-handed genre. Lara Jean Song-Covey is a
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Fat Shaming and Bad Jokes Make “Insatiable” Look Starved for Attention

If anybody was watching a lot of Netflix this summer than you very likely had seen the trailer for the show "Insatiable". Upon seeing the trailer, many people immediately found the show problematic.  The trailer shows a monologue from Debby Ryan talking about how her life was miserable, simply because she was plus-sized. She goes on about how it made her feel alienated and

Kingston Up, Suites Down

As the SNHU campus continues to evolve and grow, new Residence Halls go up. This also means that older halls come down. Last year the upper suites Winnisquam and Chocorua, along with the Kearsarge apartments, were torn down in order to construct the new and anticipated Kingston Hall. This year the lower suites, Whittier Hall and two townhouses, Sunapee and Cranmore are all being

Life After Greeley

Last semester, SNHU witnessed an electrical fire in Greeley Hall that left the apartment building uninhabitable. While the fire displaced all its residents, the efforts made by the SNHU community helped the transition process. Like most incidents, this one did not go without its witnesses. Roommates Emmett Christian (‘20) and Samantha Chiodi (‘21) saw the events unfold from their dorm room window. "The first

Hampton Hall Aims to Build Community with New Themed Housing Initiative

Housing selection is just around the corner, and students may start thinking about where they may want to live next year. This year, the options for housing include your typical dorms, the opening of the newly anticipated Kingston Hall and the new implementation of themed housing in Hampton hall. This past year, we have been given a sample of what is now the Themed

Women in Islamic Society

Growing up, many people heard their parents say three things not to discuss at the dinner table: religion, politics and money. The new Muslim Student Association (MSA) is taking their lunchtime to talk about religion. For those who do not know, MSA is a brand-new organization that had its first general meeting Wednesday, February 21. The club is open for both Muslim and non-Muslim

Cut the Bootcut, Out of Style

Bootcut jeans have been the bane of every fashionista’s existence for many years due to their unattractiveness and limited wearing options. Their original purpose, however, was to be worn over cowboy boots, so a cowboy could comfortably fit their pants over their boots. Later, in the 1960’s and 70’s the bootcut jean had transformed into Bell Bottoms in order to fit more cohesively with