College Newspapers Should Commit to Truth

“The Mountain Echo,” the student-run newspaper at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD, published an article that was met with con­troversy. The article, “Mount President’s Attempt to Im­prove Retention Rate Included Seeking Dismissal of 20-25 First-Year Students,” written by Rebecca Schisler and Ryan Golden on Jan. 19, detailed the recently hired President Simon Newman’s plan to figure out which students were at risk
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Gabe’s Jam Sesh: Haywyre “Two Fold Pt. 1”

One of my favorite artists is someone who makes me feel like I’m going nowhere. Haywyre (real name Martin Vogt), born in Minnesota, then raised and trained in Austria before returning to the United States at age 17, is a 22-year-old electronic music producer that was classically trained on the piano. Beginning in 2009, Vogt dubbed himself Haywyre and began profes­sionally producing electronic music
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“The Witch”: A Delightfully Disturbing Folktale

Robert Eggers’ directo­rial debut, “The Witch,” was a surprisingly well made thriller. That’s right, a thriller, not the straightforward horror it’s been advertised as. Taking place in 1630 New England, “The Witch” follows a family of seven who were exiled from their unspecified settlement. Taking their ban­ishment with dignity, the fa­ther, mother, and five children (one teenager, a younger boy, a small boy and

Wyndee Takes on the Tunes

I am not an expert on mu­sic, but music has been an in­fluential part of my life. I lis­ten to mostly main-stream pop songs from my generation. When I was young, I was sur­rounded by influential Asian pop music that many of my peers talked about. That type of music is quite commercial. The songs have catchy melo­dies and are sung by popular celebrities.

Preston Pugmire to Perform at SNHU

Preston Pugmire will be coming to Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) on Mar. 22. SNHU’s Center of Activities and Pro­gramming Events (CAPE), has booked Preston Pugmire to perform in the Dining Center outside of the Miles room dur­ing the lunchtime hour from 12 to 1 p.m. Preston Pugmire is a singer and song writer who is contracted with The College Agency, a company dedicated