How to SNHU: Microwave Recipes

There are many things the microwave can do besides heating up leftover food and making popcorn.  With the magic of the microwave, saving time and making tasty food is possible for everyone, even those who have limited experiences in the kitchen. It is useful to learn some microwave tricks for college students - meals, afternoon tea, midnight snacks, ANYTIME! Oil-free fried rice: To make

Resume Prep for Career Fair

SNHU’s Career Develop­ment Center (CDC) organized the Resume Critique Night on Wednesday, February 8 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the first floor of the Gustafson Center. Approximately 20 profes­sionals including marketing managers and recruiters from different companies in the New England area were invited to help undergraduate students from all majors. Many students attended the event to have their resumes cri­tiqued in

Chungking Express: Contemporary Global Cinema Series

On Wednesday, Nov. 16, the Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Film Contemporary Global Cinema Series Sponsored by the School of Arts & Sciences presented the 1994 Hong Kong film "Chungking Express" at Walker Auditorium. Professor Charles Andrews hosted the lecture to give a brief film introduction and question-and-answer session before and after the film showing. Shot in two months, "Chungking Express" was created when
Penmen Abroad

Spring and Spring Break and Disney World

I, as always, have complicated feelings about spring. It is a season of vitality: new leaves growing, blossoms are blooming everywhere, and ani­mals are awake from hibernation. But every year back in my home­town, it can get really unpleasant during this period. As spring begins in the south­ern coastal area, the humid cli­mate makes everything watery, plus the intersection of the warm and cold

Tour of the Taza Chocolate Factory

Students for Environmen­tal Action (SEA) organized and sponsored a trip to Somerville, Mass. to visit the Taza Chocolate Factory on Feb. 6. The president of SEA, Hannah Pierce continued this annual event because students have enjoyed the chocolate tour for the past few years. The tour began with a greeting from the Taza Chocolate Factory clerk who then showed students around the store and