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While fans of Legend of Zelda patiently await the release of any news for the newest game in the series, Nintendo decided to throw the fanbase a bone on Mar. 4 in the form of “The Legend of Zelda: Twi­light Princess HD” for the Wii U.

“Twilight Princess HD” is a high definition (HD) remake of the beloved Zelda game called “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.” The game was originally released on Nov. 19, 2006 on the Nintendo Wii and Gamecube, and was later an­nounced as the next game following “Majora’s Mask” in one of the three branches of the Zelda timeline. With the tenth anniversary of the game’s release coming up, it only seems fitting for it to be remastered.

The game runs at a much high­er resolution than its original ver­sion and showcases many graphical enhancements. Because the game runs in 1080 pixels instead of its original 480 pixels, clarity and de­tails of objects, especially those at a distance, are drastically improved and also allow for better aiming and accuracy with items such as Link’s iconic Hero’s Bow.

Like in the “Wind Waker HD” remake, this game uses the Wii U’s Gamepad for several different fea­tures. The Gamepad can be used to display the dungeon map for play­ers to easily navigate rooms. It also allows gamers to switch equipped items without pausing and Link to transform into his wolf form with­out needing to talk to Midna. Its last, and most crucial function is its ability to fire projectiles. Simply aim the Gamepad where you want to shoot an arrow (or any other pro­jectile), and release the button.

“Twilight Princess HD” will have full Amiibo support. “Su­per Smash Bros. for Wii U” Zelda themed Amiibos (Zelda, Link, Toon Link, Sheik, and Ganondorf) can all be used within this game. The Link Amiibos can be used to restore arrows, Zelda and Sheik re­store hearts, and Ganondorf makes Link take double damage, stepping up the difficulty level. However, each Amiibo can only be used once per day.

With the special pre-order of the game, gamers got a Wolf Link Amiibo that allows access to a new optional dungeon, called the Cave of Shadows, where Link must clear 40 floors in wolf form. Upon completion, players will be awarded with the Colossal Wallet if they have already acquired the Giant Wallet. The Colossal Wallet allows storage for 9,999 Rupees.

Other small changes have been issued as well, such as less Tears of Light to collect and smoother rides on Epona, so “Twilight Princess HD” has quite a lot to offer. It’s giv­ing gamers a lot of good reasons to revisit a classic and relive it in glori­ous HD quality.

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