I am not an expert on mu­sic, but music has been an in­fluential part of my life. I lis­ten to mostly main-stream pop songs from my generation. When I was young, I was sur­rounded by influential Asian pop music that many of my peers talked about. That type of music is quite commercial. The songs have catchy melo­dies and are sung by popular celebrities.

Some of the most promi­nent characteristics of Can­tonese pop songs are their beautiful lyrics. The songs are composed of poetic sentences ending with rhymes that viv­idly describe an imaginary sce­nario to the audience.

Compared to in America, the music choice in Hong Kong is limited. The main market there is focused on the pop genre, and it is rare that I see any rock music or rap songs dominating the charts.

Songs that become chart toppers are usually sung by the local pop stars or are the theme songs or background music for popular TV series or films. Later, I began to experience American music that was real­ly expressive. When I wantedto vent, some of these songs con­nected with me and helped me express the emotional vortex I was in. These songs inspired me and helped me through the worst times of my life.

I had such a tough time when I came to the United States last year because I didn’t fit in. Music was something I turned to when I felt alone.

Simple Plan’s song, I’m Just a Kid had lyrics I could really connect with when I was ad­justing: “I think I’ve got a lot of friends but I don’t hear from them, what’s another night all alone…I’m just a kid and life was a nightmare.”

The many different types of music still affect me now. They bring back memories and I can find something to listen to for every mood that I find myself in.


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