(image credit: Annie Boghigian)

Do you know what is bet­ter than going to a fashion show when you are in love with style and clothes? That’s right. Noth­ing.

I would like to preface this by saying I am not studying fashion or design or looking to be a model. That does not deter from the fact that I love fash­ion and everything it entails. I love being able to go outside the box and pair clothes that other people would not. Fashion is a game with no penalties. Sure, there are “rules” to fashion but nothing happens when they are broken.

Anyone who knows me and my wardrobe can attest to the fact that I have an eclec­tic assortment of clothes and a unique sense of style.

When I first arrived in Eu­rope, I did not notice the dif­ferences in outfit trends of the locals compared to that of the United States. Over time, how­ever, I started to see more differ­ences in what people wore on a daily basis.

I was excited to see fur and sequins worn here, and it shows me there is a potential for them to be worn in the United States.

Compared to the United States, there seems to be more freedom in what to wear in the United Kingdom (UK) and Eu­rope in regards to how people will perceive you. It is normal to wear fur jackets and suede skirts here. There is more adventure in people’s outfit choices and for someone who already owned a fur skirt and sequin pants, I think it is fantastic.

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend London’s Fashion Weekend. Fashion Weekend follows fashion week and is geared more towards tourists as opposed to celebrities. I was able to see a runway show as well as sift through racks and racks of designer clothes. Some of the designers included Ar­mani, Never Fully Dressed, and Tada & Toy.

There were jackets, fur pom-pom keychains (which are incredibly popular here), jewelry, and shoes all at the dis­posal of those who entered the room. I would like to point out that I was able to try on a scarf that costs 200 pounds, which is equivalent to $279.

To say this day was one of my favorite days since arriving in the UK would be an under­statement.

It was the first fashion show I had ever attended and I can only hope I will have the chance to come back next year. Fashion is not everyone’s area of inter­est but for those like me, finding tickets to fashion weeks, fash­ion weekends, or runway shows might not always be easy but it is totally worth it.



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