Patty Lynott: A Visionary for Change

Patricia “Patty” Lynott grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She attended Trinity College in Illinois for her undergraduate degree and then moved on to the graduate program in Northern Illinois University before finally receiving her PhD from Loyola University in Chicago. She has dedicated more than a decade to SNHU as Provost and in November 2017 she became the President of

Innovations in Greek Life on Campus

Greek life has had a negative attitude surrounding it for decades. Over the last year or so, Greek organizations on campus claim they have been working to better their reputation and eliminate stigmas related to fraternities and sororities. One innovation they have made is prioritizing academics and philanthropy and trying to engage in more missions on campus to better the community. Some groups have

Parking Changes: How They Affect Students and What SNHU is Doing About It

In January 2018, SNHU’s Public Safety office established new policies relating to resident and commuter parking on campus that would affect students and staff in the spring semester. These parking changes were made based on recent surveys done by Public Safety officers which measured how many cars were parked in each lot. These surveys ensure a better understanding of which parking lots are being

SGA Proposes Change in Conference Budget Policy that Limits Covered Overages

The Student Government Association (SGA) is proposing a solution to the recent over-expenditures to the conference budget in which a club’s approved request and up to 10 percent of overages will be covered by SGA. Each year, SGA allocates $100,000 to send clubs and organizations to programs, seminars and expos, and covers the cost of airfare, hotels, food and transportation. This budget is distributed

Leblanc Details SNHU Improvements Coming to Campus

Beginning in May 2018, SNHU will begin construction on a new College of Engineering, Technology and Aeronautics (CETA) building, as well as a new green space in place of the townhouses and Washington parking lot, respectively. These construction projects are only a few of many that the SNHU community can expect in the near future.The new green space, inspired by the likes of Northeastern

Women’s Leadership Conference Aims to Empower SNHU Students

This Friday, November 3 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., The Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center will be sponsoring the Women’s Leadership Conference in the Dining Center and the Green Center. The conference will consist of multiple presentations aiming to celebrate the work of undergraduate women at SNHU and to empower other women to achieve their goals through self reflection, professional and personal skill

Domestic Violence Awareness Weeks Brings Message of Solidarity to Survivors

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center is taking the week of October 16-20 to raise awareness and support for survivors. The Women’s Center will be tabling throughout the week in the Student and Dining Center where students can receive information about what healthy relationships are, while also accessing resources, such as hotlines and crisis centers, that can
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Getting Ready for Fetty Wap and Homecoming 2017: Destination SNHU

Attention, Penmen! SNHU will be hosting its Homecoming Weekend from Friday October 13 to Sunday, October 15. To kick off the weekend, CAPE will be sponsoring their annual concert, featuring artist Fetty Wap with opener and SNHU alumni Matt Corman. The Student Government Association (SGA) will be sponsoring a pump-up event prior to the concert located in the Athletic Complex at 6 p.m. for