Paul LeBlanc speaking at The American Council on Education in 2018.

On January 15, President Paul LeBlanc sent a memo to the SNHU community concerning the government shutdown and acknowledging how it may be affecting students, faculty and staff. The email also mentioned that the administration has received many inquiries from the people of SNHU and that it is difficult to help everyone because “every situation is different.”

Despite this setback, LeBlanc said, “What we do know unequivocally is that no one should have to go hungry, risk a loss of housing or go without basic human needs because of the political impasse in Washington.”

LeBlanc then goes on to say that SNHU has set aside an emergency fund of $1 million dollars to give aide to the students, faculty and staff who are “facing immediate financial crisis due to the shutdown of the government.” This aide will be considered a grant, not a loan, and will therefore not be expected to be paid back at any point. Information on who is eligible for this grant is detailed within the email.

Applications can be submitted starting this Thursday, January 17.

LeBlanc’s email also detailed some other information that has become available which affects the students of SNHU. The first piece of information being that any student receiving financial aid or Pell grants from the government will not be affected. According to LeBlanc’s email, “Federal financial aid for the 2018-2019 school year was fully funded and money for Pell Grants is mandatory.” The second piece of information explained that the government shutdown should not affect students’ ability to submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Any students who are experiencing issues can report to SNHU’s student financial services. Finally, the third piece of information is that “GI Bill benefits have continued, though support for claims and other assistance may be limited.” Any student who has seen delays in payments or application processing should contact their advisor.

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