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Fly to the Moon with “First Man”

With deft performances and truly immersive filmmaking, “First Man” gives important focus to the man behind a crucial moment in history. Despite controversy centered around the planting of the flag, the film shows a great achievement in a close and almost claustrophobic way. Based on the biography by James R. Hansen, “First Man” focuses on Neil Armstrong’s (Ryan Gosling) journey to becoming the first
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Choose to Accept “Mission: Impossible Fallout”

The "Mission: Impossible" franchise has always been about upping the technology, the action and the set pieces to astound the little part of the brain that yearns for excitement. Mission: Impossible Fallout manages to go above and beyond all the franchises expectations. It delivers one of the tensest and most action-filled experiences yet, one that not only cements itself as the best "Mission: Impossible"
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Granite Con: A Community Showcase for Artists

On September 8 and 9, fans and creators alike gathered in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire for the 15th annual Granite State Comic Con. The convention featured many cosplayers, vendors and even panels from pop culture guests like The Shape of Water’s Doug Jones and Seasame Street’s Caroll Spinney. While many see conventions as a way to interact with their favorite celebrities and other fans,
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“The Predator” Misses Its Shot

After a string of bad sequels, Director Shane Black seemed like a saving grace for the "Predator" series - the perfect choice with his particular style of comedy and having portrayed Hawkins in the original film. Sadly, Black's entry into the franchise doesn't quite live up to the original, and only barely manages to surpass the previous sequels. Thinly written characters, unimportant plot elements
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“Ready Player One” Plays to Its Strengths

From the best-selling novel of the same name, Ready Player One is a decent example of how to mix pop-culture references and futuristic technologies in an interesting, albeit uneven, film. Steven Spielberg does his best to create an absorbing homage to the past in what could have been an overstuffed nostalgia reference. Taking place in the year 2045, Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) lives in
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Missed the Mark at The Oscars, But “I, Tonya” Sticks Its Landing

Now that the winter Olympics are done, it is interesting to look back at the controversies and scandals that have come from the age-old sporting event. “I, Tonya” tells one of these stories in a powerful, yet delicate manner without glorifying events to persuade the audience. Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie) is an American girl who spent most of her life training in ice skating.
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“Molly’s Game” is Worth Playing

In a world full of fake, Hollywoodized true stories, director Aaron Sorkin keeps “Molly’s Game” entertainment value high while ensuring the facts stay true to the real story. Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain) began ranked third in North America for women’s skiers with seemingly nothing in her way. When an accident happens on the slopes costs Molly her Olympic career, she takes some time off
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2018 Oscars Nominations: Time to Start Binge Watching

After this past week, movie buffs now know what films they have left to binge before March 3. With the Oscars fast approaching, the revealed nominations will result in an increased consumption of popcorn as well as the amount of pirated films streaming to SNHU. For those who may have missed the news, here are the nominations for Best Picture and snippets of our