Penmen Pink Day Basketball Games

On Feb. 6 Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) showed their support for beating breast cancer by putting on their 11th anual Penmen Pink Day event. During the women's Basketball game those who were attending the or anyone who just wanted to help spread breast cancer awareness showed their support by helping out the Catholic Medical Center (CMC) who was raising money outside of the

Family Feud

On Nov. 30, Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events (CAPE) put on a version of the daytime game show "Family Feud". Being played in the Last Chapter Pub, students had to pre-select their teams of five ahead of time, examples being the “Smartinis”, the “Freshman Squad”, and “Transfers for Life”.   While the set-up was the same as the show, the rules were slightly
Arts & Entertainment

The Peanuts: Twenty-First Century Reboot

Whenever something is “reimagined” or “rebooted”, fans of the original material usually cry out in agony. In this day and age, whenever something timeless is brought back into the limelight, it will more often than not be updated to be more marketable to the current youth demographic. So, like the rest of the world, when I heard the announcement that Schultz’s timeless comic “Peanuts”