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Since 2008, moviegoers have been watching Marvel’s heroes take to the silver screen. In the eight years that the MCU has unfolded there have been arguably no real duds, with each film receiving praise and leaving audiences craving the next installment.

After the gigantic hit of “Captain America: Civil War,” the bar has been set even higher than normal.

Thankfully, “Dr. Strange” is not only a great installment in the Marvel series, but may be one of the best standalone Marvel movies to date.

To start, the casting in this film is phenomenal, with heavy-hitting English actor Benedict Cumberbatch (giv­ing a decent American accent) heading the film playing the titular character perfectly.

From the mortal man at his lowest point to the very cool sorcerer, he makes Stephen Strange feel completely real.

The same goes for all the supporting actors and the vil­lain, with not a single bad per­formance among them.

One of the strongest points of this movie is the visuals, both in the representation of magic and especially in the ac­tion scenes.

These are some of the most creative fight sequences ever put to film and to describe them here would take away part of the fun in discovering them for yourself.

Outside the incredible ac­tion scenes and casting, this movie carries a heavy weight for the entirety of the Marvel series, that being the introduc­tion of magic into the MCU.

This is also perfectly done, introducing this new more fan­tasy-esque concept in a believ­able and legitimate way.

We know from “Thor” and other hints that magic does ex­ist in this world, but this movie succeeds in making it an every­day occurrence and not seem out of place.

Truthfully, one could see Dr. Strange fighting with the Avengers and it would feel completely natural.

In the end, “Dr. Strange” has incredible action, superb acting, and a great introduction to a new Marvel character that brings a whole new concept into the film franchise without messing any of it up.

It’s smart, it’s funny, it has a great story and the ending leaves you hyped for the next chapter in Marvel’s fantastic saga.

By no means should you miss this excellent film.

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