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In recent years, Marvel has pumped out hit after hit with such consistency that, at this point, it’s expected for their movies to be great. Thankfully, “Thor: Ragnarok” follows this now common Marvel tradition; continuing the comedy, action, and story that fans know and love with some of the cinematic universe’s most popular characters.

“Ragnarok” is one of the last few films to be released before the upcoming “Infinity War,” so not only did it have to continue Thor’s solo story but also place him and all the other characters in their correct positions for the third “Avengers” movie. Not only does it manage to pull it off, but it also incorporates great comedy and action naturally into the plot as well.

Marvel films are always funny, but “Ragnarok” may just be the funniest, surpassing even “Guardians of the Galaxy.” While there are definitely impressive action scenes there are few (however well done) emotional moments, with more comedy than the average Marvel flick. This by no means makes it bad, but it’s good to know it’s trying to bring the laughs just as much, if not more, than the action.

All the characters are well acted and play off each other beautifully (seeing Hulk and Loki interact for the first time since 2012 “Avengers” is priceless.) Thor is given more depth here and the new characters do great adding to the cast and ever growing list of heroes. The plot behind the villain and Asgard is interesting but isn’t focused on for too long.

The only slight downside is the underused female villain, who wasn’t given enough focus. This character seems like someone who could be the main antagonist for the whole Avengers team but is only used a little here. She is deliciously over the top evil and great to watch, but I just wished there was more of her in it.

All in all “Thor: Ragnarok” is a great time. It has the trademark Marvel charm, the action and the comedy everyone expects at this point. While it may be funnier than action-oriented, and the villain doesn’t live up to her potential, it is still a must see.

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