Co-Editor-In-Chief Chris Tutt (Image courtesy: The Penmen Press)

Dear SNHU Community,

Computers running, sweatpants on, bedroom door shut, and Zoom cameras turned on. Four years ago, that was our reality. In a world filled with uncertainty, students persevered through one of the darkest times in human history; COVID-19. Fast forward to today, and the SNHU class of 2024 is gearing up to graduate.

As we prepare to walk across the stage adorned in our cap and gowns, these last few weeks stand as a time for reflection. From Late Night Breakfasts to Major Concerts, the SNHU community has come together in many ways to enjoy each other’s company.

We bonded in classes over group projects, and the occasional stress that came along with them. We witnessed NE10 championships across all sports and even National Championship berths.

The student body made efforts towards becoming active citizens through the Chandler Center, learned how to be more inclusive of others in the Women’s Center, and celebrated diversity in the Office of Diversity Programs.

For myself, it has been the honor of a lifetime to serve as the Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Penmen Press for the last two years. The memories, bonds, and work that has been done is a testament to the work that the student body has put in to allow us to showcase the happenings of the University.

As I hand off the reigns to my successors, I remain humbled by the support of the campus community and all of those within this organization.

With too many thanks to give, a few highlights are in order:

Thank you to Elise Fasano, my right-hand woman in this organization. We’ve been through it all, and there is no one I’d rather work beside in this role. I can’t wait to see what you continue to do next year with this amazing organization.

Thank you to Lillie Nelson, my successor. We’ve been in this organization longer than anyone in this club, and it is only fair that you finish out your journey in this position that you have so rightly earned.

Thank you to Jon Boroshok, my mentor. You have undoubtedly been one of the best mentors I’ve had at this school. Your commitment to making students better, even through A LOT of tough love, has always been evident to me.

A final thank you to the Office of Student Involvement. Your whole team has been the reason we have been able to do anything, and your willingness to help allowed us to unlock our true potential and visualize our dreams.

It has been a pleasure “Writing SNHU’s Story,” and I look forward to watching what The Penmen Press, and the SNHU Community, will do.


Co-Editor-In-Chief (2022-2024)