Image Courtesy: CAPE

The Coordinators of Activities, Programming, and Events (CAPE), announced that Ernest and Nate Smith will be performing at this year’s major concert with David J being the special guest. The big reveal took place midway through Sex Toy Bingo, in a video that had all attendees on the edge of their seats.

The spring concert will, once again, be held at the SNHU Arena, and will take place on April 6, 2024. Tickets will be available for SNHU students, as well as the general public. Tickets are available now for SNHU students, and only SNHU students, until Monday, November 6 at 10am. For SNHU students, the price is set at $20, and students can only purchase for themselves. For the general public, ticket prices will be $55 with fees.

Ernest is a songwriter for Morgan Wallen and is featured in many of his songs, such as recent hits “Flower Shops” and “Cow Girls.” Nate Smith has many hits including “Whiskey On You.”

Ernest and Nate Smith are among the most popular performers SNHU has ever had, and it is a testament to the hard work that CAPE has put in. Leading the charge is Kadie Dickson, Lucas Frazier, both CAPE Co-Advisors, and Griffin Gardner, CAPE vice president.

“It’s a huge honor and privilege working with students that care the way the CAPE Executive Board does,” said Dickson. “This years major concert is lead by Griffin Gardner who has been eager to get back to the SNHU arena and give our community the night they look forward to all year. We could not be more proud.”

Planning for the event began immediately following last year’s Yung Gravy concert. That concert was the biggest concert that the university has ever had, with it being the first one that was held at the SNHU Arena. This year’s concert is slated to top that.

For more information regarding the spring concert, follow CAPE on Instagram @capeatsnhu.