Although my time being a part of the Penmen Press was short-lived, having joined as a senior, it was impactful on my perspective of journalism and communications, and gave me new connections on campus and in the SNHU community.  

Penmen Press was the only club I was a part of during my time at SNHU. After joining, I was voted as Staff Representative for the E-board which was an amazing opportunity. Being on an E-board allowed me great opportunities like doing concert photography for the major concert this year and helping plan events on campus. Most of all, it helped me be more involved and find a sense of community. 

Aside from the sappy stuff, I truly enjoyed writing articles. For the most part I wrote club spotlights and faculty spotlights. I find joy in helping the clubs portray their message. I find interview type journalism to be engaging and challenging.I haven’t been this passionate about writing since my AP English class in highschool. I am proud of the work I did in the club and the work everyone else did. 

A big thank you to all of the communications professors for guiding me and letting my creativity flow. To the Penmen Press E-board, I am truly grateful to have been working beside you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. To my editors in chief, Elise Fasano and Chris Tutt, Thank you for the mentorship and advice you have given me over this last year. 

As I cross the stage on May 4, I will remember all the bingo nights, E-board meetings and weekly Dunkin’ trips, but most importantly I will remember the friendships I made along the way.