Students can get involved on campus in many ways. Clubs, organizations, and events are all open for students to join and attend.

Events happen on campus all the time; students can find what interests them and go to the event. There is something for everyone out there. Flyers hang around campus on bulletin boards with information about different clubs and events that are happening and upcoming to go to.

It’s never too late to join a club. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, getting involved on campus isn’t as scary as it seems. Students can find information on a club that interests them and sit in on a club meeting with no pressure so they can meet new people with similar interests.

Kadie Dickson, a former SNHU student and now staff member reflects on her time on campus. Kadie graduated from her undergrad at SNHU in 2017 and started working at the university in May 2022.

During her time as a student, she was very involved on campus, she was apart of SNHU Buddies, served as an orientation leader, and was part of the group of students that opened the commuter lounge.

Kadie works in the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) as Assistant Director of Student Involvement Operations. She is also the advisor of CAPE.

Kadie reflects on her time as a student at SNHU, and recalls her time in the sorority, Kappa Delta Phi N.A.S. (Kappa Chi), and how it changed everything for her. Dickson had found people that impacted her life in the sorority after challenging herself to go and join.

“I just don’t know if that would ever be me, but then I went and I realized that I was very naive on what it actually had to offer me, I spent three years here and I loved the sorority. I was able to meet so many people that did in fact change the trajectory of my life.”

Initially, Dickson was just at the involvement fair, getting free things, and the food available, but because she took a chance out of her comfort zone and challenged the narrative, she walked away with a lifetime of memories.

Dickson wants students to know the events that happen on campus are for them, students have the power to join any club or organization and make change happen.

Dickson knows how special it is to get involved on campus, getting involved changed the trajectory of her life, and wants other students to experience the same things she did.

“I singlehandedly developed a career and passion and a way of live through involvement on campus, and I know how special it is and I wish more people had access to it this year, and I think its not about the budget its not about the numbers. The real loss is that we have students who are missing out on the opportunity to have the experience that transformed my experience at SNHU,” said Dickson.

Emily Salyards (‘25) joined the Environmental Club in her freshman year in 2021 and has been in it ever since.

Salyards has made friends along the way as she’s gotten closer to the people in the club throughout the three years she’s been in it. Because she joined the club, Salyards met people in her major and it made classes easier seeing so many familiar faces.

“The best part is definitely all the friends I’ve made. I’ve met a lot of people and have become closer to them in the three years I’ve been in this club,” said Salyards. “I met a lot of people in my major that I had seen in classes before, so befriending them in the club helped me become more comfortable in the class setting.” 

Salyards remembers the first meetings she attended. She went out of her comfort zone and ended up meeting people she still knows and talks to now.

“I’d say one core memory is one of the first meetings I ever attended. We went on a walk in the arboretum and I went without really knowing anyone, so it was a giant step outside of my comfort zone. But I met a few people for the first time that I still talk to today. It really showed me what this club was about and made me want to become a permanent member,” said Salyards.

Salyards recommends taking the jump and just trying it. Go to a meeting, see if you are interested, and see what happens.

“I would tell them to just try it out. Go to a meeting and see if it sparks your interest. It’s definitely worth it.”

For more information on getting involved on campus students can follow @snhuinvolvment and @snhuoncampus on Instagram for information on upcoming events and information on clubs.