Ramen (Image Source: Suzi Pratt)

One can travel the world by following their stomach, but it isn’t always kind on the wallet.

Traveling to study abroad in another country can be fun and exciting but only after the hassle of moving well pack things there and back. One of the biggest struggles is finding where and what to eat. Japan has some of the most exquisite foods, be it sushi, ramen, miso, or even Tonkatsu, deep fried pork drizzled in sweet sauce and served with cabbage.

Southern New Hampshire University Students Frank Chin (’21) and Goran Orr (’20) shine light into dining in and out through the new partnership with Japan.

According to Chin, food shopping in Japan is convenient and inexpensive to traveling students. Chin has a private kitchen in his dorm. He is able to cook multiple meals without breaking the bank. “Grocery Shopping usually goes around 13 dollars for eggs, meat, cartons of drinks such as milk and maybe some lunch box items,” said Chin.

Chin also explained that convenience stores have a wide selection of bread, meats and drinks if he is looking for a quick bite before classes or other extracurricular activities.

As for Orr, he does not have his own private kitchen in his apartment. Orr explains that residents have a restaurant that they can go to which serves breakfast for about $2.50 and dinner for around $4.50. along with Chin, Orr agreed that the convenience stores are “a nice luxury to have.”

Luckily in Japan, there are a lot of cheap convenience stores like 7/11 where you can get full instant meals. They can even prepare them for you.

“Ramen restaurants usually cost between 3 and 10 dollars. Japan is known for having exceptionally good food so it’s worth it to eat out a few times a week!” said Orr.

Southern New Hampshire University has over 10 partnering countries. The new partnership with Japan lives up to its expectation with reasonably inexpensive food. Food shopping and cooking on a budget in Japan are quick and easy for traveling students.

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