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Studying abroad allows for many new and interesting opportunities for education. Although academics is a large part of studying abroad, students are also excepted to embrace the overall experience which includes the memories made and cultural differences encountered. 

Studying abroad provides extensive opportunities beyond the classroom as students are able to make memories and fully embrace the culture in which they live. The various partnerships traditionally last for a semester and allow students to completely immerse themselves in different parts of the world. This experience is unique to each individual as they experience something new.  

Among the many partnerships to choose from, Japan is included in that list. Frank Chin is a student at SNHU studying abroad in Japan during the fall 2018 semester. He has made some amazing memories and experiences that could only be possible through the decision to study abroad.

“I’ve always been interested in studying abroad because I wanted to learn more about other parts of the world and how they act,” said Chin. This desire to learn has proven to be a major draw to students interested in studying abroad. Those willing to experience different cultures should take advantage of the opportunity. 

Another opportunity Chin took on was learning the art of karate through a club. He initially was unsure how accepted he would be given his inability to speak the language, “I went in assuming that I would be awkwardly ignored because I couldn’t speak Japanese, but I was sorely mistaken because speaking was only about 25% of what was actually important,” said Chin. 

Chin felt accepted into this community and learned so much from the people. The experience served as a great memory as he was taught martial arts and some Japanese. He also spoke about how karate pushed him to learn more appreciate all that study abroad has to offer. 

Abroad really allows for these memories to be made and makes for some great learning experiences. This immersion in a different culture allows students to expand their knowledge of the world. This opportunity most certainly will never be forgotten by anyone who participates in a study abroad program. 

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