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Cultures Learned and Memories Had Whilst Studying Abroad

Studying abroad allows for many new and interesting opportunities for education. Although academics is a large part of studying abroad, students are also excepted to embrace the overall experience which includes the memories made and cultural differences encountered.  Studying abroad provides extensive opportunities beyond the classroom as students are able to make memories and fully embrace the culture in which they live. The various

SGA Swears In New Senators And Questions Constitution

On Tuesday, November 27, The Student Government Association (SGA) met in Hospitality 202 to discuss new events, clubs and conferences that are going to be taking place in the near future. This was also the first meeting for any new senators that joined the association. The meeting started as usual with approval of minutes and roll call where the new senators were acknowledged. The

SGA Looks Ahead to Next Semester Amid Financial Requests

On Tuesday, November 6, the Student Government Association (SGA) held their usual bi-weekly meeting to address new business, such as elections and awarding a senator of the month. The meeting started in its normal fashion with approval of minutes and senator roll call. After calling the meeting into effect, the Budget and Finance committee presented the conference and overage requests they had received at

SGA’s Buddy Night is Informational and Inviting

The Student Government Association (SGA) recently had a night for members to bring friends in to experience a meeting. This so-called buddy night was a way to spike interest and get more people involved in Student Government. SGA is a very professional environment that can seem intimidating, but this special event welcomed the buddies and allowed for them to see how the club operates.

“High Hopes” That The Student Center Will Stop Playing Songs On Repeat

Whenever you set foot into the Student Center here on campus, you can hear music being played over the speakers. It is nice to have this as some background noise when doing work or eating breakfast before your first class can be soothing. But if you spend any long periods of time in there you will realize just how mind-numbingly horrible the playlist they

Robert Frost Renovations Bring New And Exciting Opportunities

If you have classes in Robert Frost you most certainly have heard and seen the recent renovations. Although they might not look like much now, they will bring many opportunities once they are finished. The renovations consist of four new areas including an art gallery, a computer lab, the honors suite and a biology lab. The biology lab has already been completed, while the