A working summer rewards in its own way. (image credit: Creative Commons)

Summer break may not be a true break for everyone.

While papers and tests transform from a daily concern into an afterthought during the warm months, a break from college isn’t always a proper vacation. For a decent number of people, going back home usually means back to work as well. In most cases, customer service will probably be the job that dominates the daily routine of undergrads and grads alike during the summer season.

After dragging themselves along with the pace of a tortoise, preparations for whatever store, restaurant, movie theater, or similar establishment they work at are finally complete. Even the most ferocious hordes of snarky customers seem like a passing nuisance.

Naturally, a sense of earned self-pride is formed. If the ability to stand tall in the face of a dreadfully screaming customer with ghastly tainted breath doesn’t make one feel proud about themselves, then nothing will. Plus making money usually warms the heart of even the coldest souls.

However, a job never lacks frustration or a tight commitment. After all, scrolling through Facebook and seeing somebody post pictures of their month-long trip to Bermuda, while you feel exhausted after completing a nine-hour shift, may form feelings of envy. Dealing with the public itself also demands a great deal of patience, which is lacking in the fast paced twenty first century.

Don’t worry though. Being aware of all this information makes going back to college a little easier. Papers and tests can be annoying, but they seem like gems compared to making sure the customer is always right. All the money earned can also go towards any loans that had to be taken out too, a fact that makes dealing with the grind of a job more purposeful.

Finish the working summer with pride.

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