Image Courtesy: Lillie Nelson

Pink Day at SNHU is happening on Saturday, February 3 at 1:30 pm against New Haven. The lobby fair opens at 12:30 pm, where prizes, giveaways, raffles, t-shirt sales, and kids’ face painting are all available.

The first Pink Day was held in 2006 and was founded by head women’s basketball coach, Karen Pinkos. They give donations to CMC Breast Care Center and Kay Yow Foundation, a basketball coach for North Carolina State University who died of breast cancer.

Pinkos sees the impact that this game has on the players and the community.

“The impact has been huge on the community. Our players understand basketball is a game. What we are fighting for is someone’s life. Hopefully, we can bring awareness to someone [who] can prevent [it through] screening or exams. Hopefully, just by awareness, we can save someone’s life,” said Pinkos.

In the past, CMC Breast Care Center was at the game, talking to fans at halftime as well as bringing out survivors to talk to fans.

“CMC Breast Care Center, the Wellness Center, and Dr. Jessica Ryan, MD, from CMC, she’s amazing. She will be present in the lobby, and probably talk to fans during halftime, and oftentimes bringing some of their survivors and the impact the survivors see on what we are trying to do to help us [is] really cool,” said Pinkos.

Players Julia Colby (’24) and Adrianna Timberlake (’24) talk about what it means to them to play in the Pink Day game. Timberlake has a personal connection to the event.

“Pink Day is a pretty big game. There’s a lot of people on our team [who have been] affected by breast cancer in their family. Me personally, my grandmother passed away when she was 46 from breast cancer, so this game is definitely extra special to me and my family. The stands are packed the crowd goes crazy; there’s a bunch of alumni and survivors. We definitely have a lot of support while playing,” said Timberlake.

While not playing in this Pink Day game, Julia Colby has played the past three Pink Day games and knows how special these games are to the team and to those who are affected by breast cancer.

“It’s a really fun game. It’s a lot more packed for Pink Day. I’m excited to see a bunch of fans during the game and a lot of supporters for Pink Day. Pink Day is a special day for everyone affected by breast cancer. I have an aunt affected by breast cancer, so it’s a big game to raise awareness and money,” said Colby.

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