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“Christine McConnell” is Worth a Taste of Something Spooky

With the arrival of Halloween comes the unyielding allure of sugar. This leads many of us to stock up on candy and attach ourselves to our television screens in pursuit of binge-watching Halloween Wars, Halloween Baking Championship and other Food Network standbys. For those craving something darker, bolder and freakier, "The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell" may be what moves the Ouija board. This unapologetically

Hollywood Culture Needs Changing: In the Wake of Sexual Assault Allegations

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Assault On Thursday October 5, the “New York Times” published a story detailing allegations of sexual assaults against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Many women have come forward with their stories, and, as a result, Weinstein has stepped down from his position as head of The Weinstein Company. As one of the mightiest falls, many other stories are coming to light alleging

UGLY TRUTH: Fall Workload

Hit the Ground Walking Gabe Carrio It’s time again to return to campus. Classes are going to be back in full swing, and the workload will soon become something to manage. That is, of course, if the professors don’t take their time dishing out the homework over the beginning of the semester. For the most part, I’d wager that most professors take the beginning