Image Courtesy: Avery Bertrand

The Esports program at SNHU was founded in 2019. At first, there were just a few players and two coaches in a room in Stark Hall; now the Esports Program has grown to have over 70 students with its own dedicated space in the Green Center.

Esports has a few different areas to get involved in. First is the free play hours, which occur every weekday from 11am to 5pm. Within the Esports Arena, there are 18 gaming computers and all of the latest consoles. The arena’s free play hours are a great time to either go with friends and game together or grind some games on your own.

There are also five varsity-level teams. Anyone can attend their games live. There are typically games every weeknight that start between 8-9pm. During these games, you can expect live casting, live gameplay, and intense moments where the varsity players compete with colleges from around the country. The typical game schedule is Valorant on Monday, Super Smash Bros. on Tuesday, League of Legends on Wednesday, and Overwatch 2 on Thursday. Friday games include Valorant, League of Legends, or Rocket League.

Students looking to get more involved with Esports can try out for a varsity team. Tryouts are typically hosted at the end of fall semesters and a few weeks before summer ends. Trying out provides experience playing in a team environment and free coaching.

The Esports program also offers a variety of student jobs. There are two areas of employment; Arena Operations and Content. Operations is responsible for running the arena during free play hours, as well as scheduling and managing events. Content is responsible for all things match-wise. Roles include graphic design, social media, broadcast technician, and live casting varsity matches.