On Tuesday, November 6, the Student Government Association (SGA) held their usual bi-weekly meeting to address new business, such as elections and awarding a senator of the month.

The meeting started in its normal fashion with approval of minutes and senator roll call. After calling the meeting into effect, the Budget and Finance committee presented the conference and overage requests they had received at their last meeting. Numerous financial requests from different clubs and associations were accepted.

The clubs that wished to obtain money from SGA included Animation and Art forms, who wanted to go to Anime Boston to study animation from different cultures, and Hospitality Student Association, who wanted to go to a Disney Youth Education Series event to learn about team bonding and what makes Disney magical.

All requests were unanimously passed other than one requested by the Inter Greek Council that wasn’t exactly challenged, but slightly questioned in regards to what the club’s members would learn from the trip. It still was passed however, with two senators not in favor and one who abstained.

After the Budget and Finance requests were handled, Vice President Tyler Provencher (’21) took the stand to present the same co-sponsorship request from CAPE for their Big Money Bingo Night which was previously brought up at the last Senate meeting. 

In their presentation, CAPE mentioned how they wanted to create a good relationship with SGA by having them supply $350 to the event that would be used for a variety of prizes. The last time this request was proposed, Senator Matthew Rubenstein (’19) had asked what SGA would gain from the agreement as there was no mention of how SGA would be represented or publicized.

CAPE amended Rubenstein’s issue by saying they would allow President Iesina Tupouniua (’20) to take a moment in the beginning of the night to say a few words about SGA and what they do so that they could spike interest and possibly fill up their senate for next semester.  Senator Rubenstein still had a few questions about budget and why CAPE needed the money as both clubs have large budgets.

Rubenstein wished to know why the clubs couldn’t just help each other out with volunteers rather than exchanging money. CAPE wishes to make a bond with SGA so they can help each other further down the road.

Shortly after, a vote took place on the co-sponsorship and it was completely unanimous, other than Senator Rubenstein who abstained, and the co-sponsorship was passed.

After co-sponsorships were discussed, the senators talked about the upcoming elections and how they could help spread the word to get more people invested in student government. 

The meeting concluded by announcing the Senator of the Month award which was given to Senator Stefan Karlberg (’22). Karlberg was congratulated on his involvement in the club and he was given a certificate to commemorate his accomplishment.

The meeting then came to close as everyone was told to spread word about SGA and the vacancies they wish to fill with the election that had just passed. The meeting was quite short and allowed more time for people to spread the word about SGA and the opportunities it brings to the students here at SNHU.

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