Image Credit: Ryan Barrett

On Thursday, November 1, there was a reception for two new exhibitions that recently opened in the McIninch Art Gallery in Robert Frost Hall. The first is showcasing Modernism and its Legacy, while the second is a collection of works by Nikki Rosato titled Voyager. Missed it? Don’t worry, they will be open for public viewing until December 15. 

Modernism and Its Legacy was curated by Joanna Flink but is being housed by Southern New Hampshire University. This gallery features artwork by Max Beckmann, Pablo Picasso and other contemporary artists that practiced the Modernism art style. Many of the pieces work in tandem with one another to show a sense of movement throughout the room. The goal of this gallery is to portray the vast impact Modernism had on art in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as how the Modernist movement is still impacting art to this day.

The Voyager series by Nikki Rosato is located right behind the barrier wall in the gallery. Rosato’s unique technique consists of taking silhouettes and filling in the negative space within the image with road maps from different places. This unique and captivating design is meant to symbolize how people tend to define themselves by their own personal sense of place.

Both exhibitions provide a way for students to gain new understanding of both of these artistic techniques while still being captivated by the artwork.

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