Notice on The Cupboard door regarding card access. (Image Credit Ryan Barrett)

Recently, SNHU started a new procedure for accessing the food cupboard as there were reports of misuse. The SNHU Cupboard is a community food pantry that is located in the Student Center near the Pub. The Cupboard is managed by the CARE team, a committee of faculty and staff members that help with the well-being of students. The goal of having a food pantry is to provide students at SNHU that can’t afford food and/or personal products access to them on campus. All of this is provided free of charge and is made possible by donations by students and staff.

When the school year began, The Cupboard was open and unlocked during the hours of the Student Center for anyone to use, no questions asked. However, according to Kelly Hobbs, people were misusing The Cupboard.

“Once we removed the card access it became evident to us that there was some misuse of The Cupboard. The misuse was minimal, and in an attempt to keep things running smoothly, we reinstated the card access.” Hobbs said.

Anyone that needs access to The Cupboard can visit the concierge desk in the front of the Student Center or email to ask for access. No other questions will be asked of the person requesting access.

Anyone who would like to make donations to The Cupboard can do so by dropping off items at the concierge desk during its normal hours of operation.

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