(image credit: Jaelle Matthieu)

Whether it’s a spat between roommates or an incident on the floor, Resident Assistants (RAs) are there to do what they can, and right now the future RA’s of SNHU are being trained.

Hunter Secor (’19), who is an RA at New Castle and is going to be mentoring four future RAs, said that when he was still an RA in training one thing he was nervous about “was not knowing what’s going to happen next year.”

The mentors are preparing the future RA’s for the responsibilities that come with the job. Among the group there is a range of feelings. According to Secor, there is a mix of excitement and nervousness for next year.

One future RA, Christina Sotis (’21), can concur with both. “I’m pretty excited, a little nervous, being responsible for people and being the person people go to, but I’m also really excited to be that role, and I’m excited to get out of my comfort zone and be there for people.” Sotis is going to be in Windsor next year and is ready to take on the work.

One of the responsibilities that come with being an RA is building a community, and future New Castle RA Rachel Kelly (’21) is getting prepared. When asked what she’s excited about she said, “building a community, meeting residents, helping everyone out and getting to know them.”

Although there’s some nervousness, the future RAs are getting pumped to help their residents, especially with new incoming freshmen who might need a helping hand.

With help from mentors, the RAs are sure to have plenty of resources at their disposal. “One of the things I look forward to most [about] being a mentor is being that extra  knowledge that is not on that persons staff, they know that yes they have this amount of people on their staff, but they always know there’s someone who has already been an RA for a year and they can reach out to me and ask my opinion or ask how I might have done something, and I can give them that knowledge and that feedback to hopefully bring them towards the goal they are looking for,” said Secor.

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