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With the Oscars rapidly approaching with an impressive list of nominees, it might be a good idea to check each of them out. Guillermo del Toro has recently received critical acclaim as a result of his latest work, “The Shape of Water;” however, del Toro’s most awarded work is his animation.

“Trollhunters” is a Netflix original animated science fiction & fantasy adventure series produced by DreamWorks Animation and based on Guillermo del Toro’s and Daniel Kraus’ fantasy novel.

It tells the story of an Arcadia Oaks high school student, Jim Lake Jr. Jim’s life changes drastically when he finds a magic amulet that turns him into the next Trollhunter, a legendary warrior in charge of protecting the Troll world and his own.

With the help of his best friends, Toby Domzalski and Claire Nuñez, and Blinky, AAARRRGGHH! and Draal, his Troll companions, Jim will fight against all supernatural forces that threaten their worlds.

The show released on Netflix in 2016 and currently has 2 seasons available, with a 3rd and final season expected to release sometime this year. “Trollhunters” has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, defining the show as “youthful, fun and refreshing.”

Its 97% audience score earned the series at least nine Daytime Emmy Nominations in 2017, and six wins. “Trollhunters” is the first installment of del Toro’s animated trilogy, “Tales of Arcadia.” Following the news of a third and final season of the show, del Toro announced two more animated series, “3 Below” for 2018 and “Wizards” for 2019. The shows are expected to help expand the world of the shows.

“Trollhunters” raised the bar for the quality of animated television. The show’s detailed and beautiful animation style, unique storyline, character development, talented voice cast, and connections to other stories within the same universe puts it near the top of the list of things to watch on Netflix.

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