In order to fully conquer the campus, knowing all hiding spots are essential. Lucky for SNHU students, many quiet areas for alone time are available throughout the week.

The Academic Complex is home to two lounges on the first and second floor. The first floor is typically home to more foot traffic due to the busy Starbucks location in the back of the lounge; here, light conversation is expected. Upstairs, the lounge is usually vacant: perfect for catching up on studies or binging Netflix to unwind. 

The Academic Complex is also home to several study rooms that, when unreserved by a party, make a great sound-proof chamber for quiet time or group studying. Similarly, empty classrooms are excellent for the same purposes; empty classrooms can be found all across campus, however they are likely to be found in The Academic Complex, Webster, and Robert Frost.

If options are needed, the library is home to several areas of different noise levels. On the first floor, the cafe seating to the left of the main entrance is suitable for light-medium conversation. On the second floor, light conversation is tolerated and many tables are available. On the third and final floor, complete silence is expected and seats are always plentiful.

For the nappers, the second and third floors of Robert Frost provide luxuriously comfortable couches and chairs. If a seat is open, grab it while you can.

On the other hand, for those looking for somewhere not too quiet, the back quarters of the Dining Center are ideal. However, not many spots in this area are equipped with outlets. Lastly, The Hospitality Center’s Cup of Love Cafe, located straight across from the building’s main entrance, welcomes low level conversations to pair with the cafe’s calm atmosphere.

Areas to unwind are common to find on campus, so happy hunting!

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