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From buying a permit to finding a spot, parking at SNHU can be stressful – especially for commuters. To help make the process easier, follow this guide to commuter parking.

First, to park on campus, it is required to purchase a parking pass. The permit website is accessed from the mySNHU student portal. From the home page, click on the Offices tab up top and then go to Public Safety.

Be sure to purchase the pass labeled Commuter (C). If this option does not show, call Public Safety to be preapproved to buy the correct pass.

Once you have purchased a parking pass, knowing where to park on campus is simple.

Commuters can park in any designated commuter parking lot – the lots that are labeled with a “C” next to their number, for example, lot 26-C.

SNHU has a few different commuter lots around campus, close to each of the academic buildings. Lot 4 behind New Castle Hall, lot 26 behind the library and lot 11 near the Athletic Complex are a short walk from Robert Frost Hall and the Academic Center.

For students with classes in Webster Hall, lot 16 across the street from Webster is a good option.

To secure the best parking spot, make sure to leave home early. If it normally takes 20 minutes to get to campus for example, plan on leaving 30 to 40 minutes early instead. Leaving earlier will help beat traffic and other commuters fighting for a good space.

It is also important to know where commuters cannot park. First, do not park in any residential or staff and faculty lots, labeled on maps with a W, E or S/F. Though it may be tempting when running late, do not park in any handicapped or otherwise reserved spots, which are marked with a sign or a traffic cone.

Parking in illegal spots may result in fines or even towing. Make sure to park in a spot in a commuter designated lot to avoid getting parking tickets.

For more information about parking on campus, call SNHU’s Public Safety office at 603-645-9700.

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