(image credit: Animation and Art Forms Club)

When you think of animation what comes to mind? Avatar The Last Air Bender? Samurai Jack? Dragon Ball Z?

Animation and Art Forms club (AAF) has it all. We focus on the beauty of all sorts of animated shows across the world.

With a primary focus on Japanese anime, we strive to open people’s mind to the beauty and creativity of these wonderful art forms. It’s not just animated shows and movies we look at, however; we also look at independent animations while striving to open more doors into the art world.

We want to show the beauty of all sorts of arts and their individuality. In the past we have picked themes each month and watched anime or other animated shows based on said theme.

Once a month we take a break from only watching anime and participate in our game nights, where we test our knowledge and skill in various games related to club topics.

Our up-and-coming eboard plans to expand the club, including obtaining a library of various comics, manga, art books, and similar materials. We plan to look across the horizons of art and show everyone the wonderful characteristics of art, whether it’s a childhood anime, an astounding animated YouTube series, or an up-and-coming art form, we strive to explore it together.

The AAF meets once a week for about two hours, exact days for the upcoming year have yet to be determined.

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