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Are you considering study­ing abroad? Do you know how your financial aid and scholar­ships are used during that pro­cess? How do you know what classes are available abroad?

The Southern New Hamp­shire University (SNHU) Study Abroad Office has answered all of these questions on their website found on the mySNHU webpage.

Students can find answers to many questions there as well as through contacting the Study Abroad Office at studyabroad@ snhu.edu. Below are some com­mon questions and answers that many students may have about studying abroad at SNHU with information used from the Study Abroad website.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Each location will be differ­ent. Most students will be pay­ing the same tuition amount as SNHU or lower. Living in foreign countries also tends to be cheaper for students but it all depends on the university’s room and board cost or the cost of living with a homestay fam­ily.

According to the Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions page on their web­site, “SNHU will pay directly for the cost of foreign tuition to the maximum of on-campus day tuition…however for students accepted to a program whose tuition is higher than SNHU’s are responsible to pay the differ­ence.”

Students who have financial aid and scholarships will be able to apply those amounts to their International university. Pay­ment is made the same as if they were on campus at SNHU.

SNHU students are also in charge of paying for any other expenses while abroad. All flights to and from the for­eign destination are paid for by SNHU up to $1,000. Food, sou­venirs, and travel while abroad are not covered by SNHU.

What classes can I take while abroad?

Once again, all locations are different and they offer different courses. SNHU’s partnership universities have courses that directly correlate to courses stu­dents could take at SNHU. Ad­ditional work must be done for classes to be approved that are not previously specified.

Students who are interested can find lists of relating courses on the Study Abroad Program website on the mySNHU web­page.

Do I need a passport and visa?

All students looking to study outside of the United States will require a passport.

“You must have a current passport (which must be valid for at least 6 months past the date of your return) in order to travel outside of the United States,” said the Study Abroad Office on their online website on mySNHU.

Students will get informa­tion from the Study Abroad Of­fice regarding obtaining their visa after being accepted into a study abroad program.

The Study Abroad online website offers answers to mul­tiple questions potential study abroad students might have.

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