The University of Essex. (image credit: Thomas Matthews)

This semester I am studying at the University of Essex in Col­chester, England. It is an hour northeast of London by train. Here on campus live roughly 13,000-day students from over 140 countries, making it a very large and diverse campus. One of my favorite aspects of campus is meeting someone for the first time and being surprised by the accent escaping their mouths.

I am lucky to be sharing this experience with three of my closet friends Laura, Shaidalys and To­neita. We all live in what are called the South Courts on campus. Each building has three flats (floors) with six residents on each. While residents get their own room and private bathroom, each flat share one communal kitchen.

As I mentioned, the campus is much larger than that of South­ern New Hampshire University. To make navigation easier there’s an app called “Find Your Way” which maps out directions to classrooms or specific offices on campus. It is currently download­ed on my phone and has been put to great use.

While it took some adjusting to a larger campus, it’s refreshing to walk by a new face everyday.

This campus is fully-equipped with anything you could possible need or want. There are several restaurants, bars, a 24-hour store, a beauty salon and even a club right here on campus! On Thurs­days, a fresh food market comes where you can purchase fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, bread and pastries.

If for some reason you find yourself in need of an escape, campus is conveniently located on the bus line. A ten-minute ride takes you the main grocery store, Tesco and a twenty-minute ride takes you to the center of town. There you can find a cinema, res­taurants, cafes, parks and tons of shopping to keep you busy.

If you still desire more, just re­member, London is always a good idea.

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