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“Logan:” No More Guns In The Valley

Released on March 3, James Mangold’s “Logan” brings the arc of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine to an astonishing close. Never before has a superhero movie elicited such a visceral and emotional reaction from moviegoers everywhere. It’s gritty, it’s grounded and it’s sad. Set in 2029, “Logan” starts off with a brutal introduction as to where our hero is at now. Over 200 years

Lowell Matthews Builds Networks and Community

SNHU-303 courses boast that networking is key for success in any industry, particularly for meeting others in a desired field and making the connections that might lead to a career. Lowell Matthews began teaching at SNHU in 2012, and has recently found how fruitful networking can be for people of all ages. Matthews primarily teaches OL classes, including Human Resource Management, Social Environment of

Is Title IX Effective?: An Interview with Fariha Quasem

The Title IX amendment was passed in 1972 to prevent colleges from discrimination based on gender. According to the amendment, there has to be an equal amount of federal aid given, participation in sports and educational opportunities to both sexes. The real question is“Does it do its job?” According to USA News, there has been a 545 percent increase in women’s participation in college

Spend Less to Save More

Being in college, or even being in the job students have immediately following college, means that students are not making very much money. Having a work study job, jobs on campus or off, summer jobs or internships typically are paying minimum wage or nothing at all. It is important to reduce monthly spending to ensure that students have spending money as well as money

Save On Snacks

It is time to start deciding where students want to live on campus next year. Do students want to live in a double, pod or an apartment? It all depends on the amenities they want. If they live in an apartment, they will have a kitchen and a reduced meal plan as they are expected to be cooking most of their meals themselves. Living

Office of Student Involvement Welcomes New Organizations

Some SNHU students see a gap in the student organization roster that they feel needs to be filled. Luckily for them, starting a new organization is a simple way to fill this gap. The 2016- 2017 school year has welcomed roughly a half-dozen new organizations, all of which were started by students. The process begins in the Office of Student Involvement (OSI). Assistant Director

SNHU Celebrates International Women’s Day

The Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center at SNHU celebrated International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 8, by hosting a variety of events that celebrate the achievements of women. International Women’s Day is a global holiday dedicated to honoring the social, political, economic and cultural accomplishments, as well as the advancement of women. The events throughout the day focused on highlighting these accomplishments and bringing