Juliette Reilly, a singer and YouTuber, will be performing at SNHU April 8. (Image credit: YouTube)

Two Tree Studios has produced many songs with YouTuber and Top 10 iTunes artist Juliette Reilly, a young artist in the music industry.

Coming Saturday, April 8, Reilly will be performing in the pub from 8-10 p.m. This event, put on by the Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events (CAPE), is free and open to SNHU students and faculty.

Reilly will be singing songs from her latest album, “I Am,” which was released in December 2016 in addition to songs from her June 2016 album, “Battlecry,” as well as cover songs. Her music is filled with meaning—from dealing with mental health, relationship problems, being young and becoming the person everyone wants to be, deep down.

“Her songs are about real issues,” junior Matt Montminy, the weekend chair of CAPE said. ”Her song ‘hero’ resonated with me due to bullying as a kid.”

Montminy hopes that the event is lively and holds a lot of meaning for those who may feel as though they never had a voice, or know that others have faced similar issues—whether it’s bullying, bad relationships or just being a young adult figuring out the world.

“Juliette’s music means a lot to those who felt or feel small and the beats are pretty catchy,” sophomore Alycia Klein, a fan of Juliette said.

First year student Amber Krane recently discovered the artist through a friend. “Juliette’s talented, and her Twitch livestreams, as well as her other social media, really makes her connect with fans,” Krane said.

She hopes it is as intimate and chill live as it is on the internet. “Her music just speaks to a person’s soul, and she just knows what some people are going through at this college age, like relationships and things like that. It’s nice to see an artist who truly understands their target audience.”

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