The Patriarchy Finally Infects Our Sex Blogs

Please note the blogger mentioned added a disclaimer to the article discussed after its initial publishing claiming its content was “satirical.” Roosh V is a microbiologist turned blogger who has written cringe worthy articles such as “8 Things American Women Must Do to Themselves More Be Attractive for Men,” and “10 Reasons Heterosexual Men Should Leave America,” and has seemingly overnight became infamous for

Anxious for an Arboretum

For many years, a recreational gem of trees has been waiting, untouched, to be used by the Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) community. During the last couple of years, SNHU administration has contemplated turning a particular 25 to 35 acres of forest into a facility that would preserve the landscape (amidst all of the recent construction) and provide a beneficial, multi-use place for recreation.
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“The Finest Hours” Was a Couple of Pretty Boring hours

“The Finest Hours,” directed by Craig Gillespie (“Fright Night” and “Mr. Woodcock”), released on January 29, is based on the true story of the most daring small boat rescue in U.S. Coast Guard history. The film stars Chris Pine as Bernie Webber, captain of the boat that rescued 32 survivors off the T2 oil tanker SS Pendleton. Recently engaged to his girlfriend Miriam, played
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Gabe’s Jam Sesh: Madeon’s “Adventure”

“Adventure” is an album I only discovered a few months ago, but was released on March 30, 2015 under the label Colum­bia Records. While I only discovered it during the fall of 2015, “Adven­ture” left a big impression on me. I had been following Madeon, a 21 year old French electronic music producer, for a while, lis­tening to his independently re­leased singles and watching
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“Naruto Storm 4” Sends Series Off With Improvements

There’s big news for the Na­ruto fanbase this month. While the manga ended on November 10, 2014, the video game series following the knuckleheaded ninja’s story, Ultimate Ninja Storm, has finally caught up and wrapped up its series with the re­lease of “Naruto Shippuden Ulti­mate Ninja Storm 4” February 9. Minor spoiler alert: “Na­ruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” picks up where the third

UK Foods Beat the Test

Before coming to the United Kingdom (UK), I heard that many food items in Europe had fewer preservatives than in the United States which led to them being healthier. The American students and I came to the conclusion that fewer preservatives are why there are quicker expiration dates. We have not only been trying the food from grocery stores but also UK restaurants. We