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“Adventure” is an album I only discovered a few months ago, but was released on March 30, 2015 under the label Colum­bia Records.

While I only discovered it during the fall of 2015, “Adven­ture” left a big impression on me. I had been following Madeon, a 21 year old French electronic music producer, for a while, lis­tening to his independently re­leased singles and watching him grow as a producer, but right around Thanksgiving I realized I hadn’t listened to his debut al­bum.

Quickly correcting my mis­take, “Adventure” took me on a journey I didn’t expect. Starting with “Isometric,” a short intro­duction comprised of ascending gravelly synths, the album then leads directly into “You’re On,” a French-house track and my sec­ond favorite song off the album. “Isometric” and “You’re On” blend into each other, forming a seamless experience for the al­bum’s beginning.

From there comes “OK,” an incredibly energetic dance track where the only vocals are heav­ily altered OKs that rise and fall in pitch. It sounds bad when you describe it like that, but it’s defi­nitely catchy and a great track. Then comes “La Lune,” featuring Dan Smith, the singer of Bastille (they made that one song “Pom­peii” everybody knows) followed by the album’s biggest hit and the only single I remember coming out: “Pay No Mind,” featuring Passion Pit.

“Pay No Mind” is my num­ber one favorite off of “Adven­ture,” and the one I cannot help but sing along to the entire time. “Pay No Mind” actually has a bit of a narrative to its lyrics, which makes it one of the more impres­sive tracks considering this is an electronic album. I won’t go into it, because I feel like I can’t give an accurate description, so you should definitely listen to it.

Sadly, most of the songs af­ter “Pay No Mind” fall short to the expectations set by the tracks before them. Not a single song is bad, mind you; they’re just not as memorable.

I’ve listened to “Adventure” roughly forty times and for the life of me I wouldn’t be able to recall anything about the songs after “Pay No Mind.” That’s kind of sad consider “Adventure” is in my top ten albums of 2015.

The album also has a deluxe version, which features four songs not on the standard release, and which don’t really add much to the album apart from a longer playing time. They’re still worth listening to though.

“Adventure” features many catchy, memorable dance tracks that really just make you feel happy, as well as some others that aren’t/don’t. “Zephyr” is an ex­ample of a less catchy/memora­ble/happy song, but it’s still great. Of the songs that don’t come to mind, this one is definitely of a higher tier. It’s pretty intense compared to the rest of tracks.

If you’re into electronic mu­sic, feel like dancing, or just want to try something new, then sup­port Madeon and give his first album a listen. You can find “Ad­venture” on iTunes for $9.99 or on Spotify to be streamed.

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